Rear Seat Headrest Handle

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The Rear Seat Headrest Handle (#71984-60010-C0), an essential auto part from Toyota Autoparts, serves a key role within the Seat & Seat Track system. This handle allows for the adjustment of the seat's headrest, enhancing passenger comfort and safety during a ride. As the handle is engaged, it unlocks the headrest, enabling it to move in a vertical direction for optimal positioning. However, with frequent use and time, the Rear Seat Headrest Handle (#71984-60010-C0) may need replacement due to wear and tear. A worn-out handle impedes headrest adjustment, potentially compromising on passenger safety and comfort. Hence, replacing it with a genuine Toyota part not only boosts vehicle compatibility but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Rear Seat Headrest Handle (#71984-60010-C0)'s function plays a subtle yet significant role in the safety and comfort of the vehicle's seating system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 72791-89102-C0;72791-89102-E0;72791-89102-E1;72791-89101-16;72791-89101-14;72791-89101-13;72791-89101-06;72791-89101-05;72791-89101-04;72791-89101-03;72791-89101-02;72791-89101;71984-60010-E0;71984-60010-B3;71984-60010-B1;71984-60010-B0;71984-60010-A1;72791-89102-03;72791-89102-02;72791-89102-04;72791-89102-06;72791-89102-B0;72791-89102-B2 More
Part Number 71984-60010-C0

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